No-vax, 2 promoters of the ‘ViVi warriors’ group identified and reported – Video

Searches in Brescia, Verona and Matera. Shut down websites

Two promoters of the no-vax group “guerrieri ViVi” have been identified and reported by the State Police and their online communication channels are being blocked. The Operations Center for Cyber ​​Security of Liguria has identified the leaders of the organization after months of intense computer investigations that have allowed to sift through hundreds of chats on numerous social networks and documents posted on the net, undermining the anonymity that the authors believed to have achieved thanks to the use of VPN networks and the Telegram messaging system.

The Genoa State Police, following investigations that a year ago had made it possible to report twenty-four members of the no vax – no green pass group called “ViVi warriors”, conducted some searches in Brescia, Verona and Matera, delegated by the Dda of the Prosecutor of Genoa against three people, two of whom are suspected of being promoters of the association in the context of a proceeding for secret association and for instigating the interruption of a service of public necessity.

The proselytism and incitement to crime activity of the no-vax group has daily targeted institutional representatives and members of the medical order through “violent” comments, posting them in a coordinated and repetitive manner on the social profiles of the victims, especially those who expressed opinions in favor of vaccines, smearing the offices of some local health authorities, vaccination hubs, hospitals, medical orders, schools, offices of some trade unions and newspapers with red paint.

With the end of the pandemic-related restrictions, the no vax group, openly obsessed with any alleged form of control, has not stopped its proselytizing activity, has turned towards the topics of payment systems and digital identity, climate change , of 5G, “attacking” online, with the same modus operandi, sometimes even with threats, those who expressed opinions in favor of the development of these technologies or issues.

The attacks were coordinated on telegram groups created ad hoc and the raids were then advertised on the same groups, with images or screenshots of what was vandalized. Some challenges were also created with which the promoters invited the followers to carry out illegal actions, such as placing banners or stickers depicting the group logo on institutional offices, in a sort of competition which involved a bitcoin prize to be awarded to the author of the most striking action.

The searches carried out by the investigators of the Cybernetic Security Operations Center of Genoa, with the help of the corresponding offices and of the Digos of Brescia, Verona and Matera, and the coordination of the Postal and Communications Police Service of Rome, at the residences of the suspects , their workplaces and a riding school in the province of Brescia where they met, made it possible to acquire computer evidence confirming the current operation of the “ViVi” and to withdraw six common firearms as a precaution, available to the suspects, regularly denounced. The preventive seizure of their means of communication and online propaganda, issued by the Gip of the Court of Genoa, is underway.