No vax, Mentana: “I’m honored never having hosted them”

The post on Instagram: “Comparing a scientist and a sorcerer is not information”

“I am honored to have never hosted any exponent of the no vax on the news I direct”. It is the opening of the post on Instagram in which Enrico Mentana explains his position towards the debate between the supporters of the anti-covid vaccine and its detractors. “To those who tell me that I impose an informational dictatorship in this way, I reply that I adopt the same line with respect to Holocaust deniers, 9/11 conspiracists, flat-earthers, those who do not believe in the moon landing and anyone who supports counterfactual positions, such as they are those of those who associate vaccines with 5G or ethnic substitution, the Great Reset, Soros and Gates or various nonsense “, the director of news La7 cuts cleanly.

For me to compare a scientist and a sorcerer, on Covid as on any other matter concerning collective health, it is not information, how to prepare a face to face between those who fight against the mafia and those who say it does not exist, between those who are for equality between men and women and those who are against, between those who want democracy and those who support the dictatorship “, concludes Mentana.