Nobody wants to adopt him, the dog Ralphie returns to the Niagara shelter

Still waiting for a family to adopt the New York shelter dog who was rejected and returned to his original shelter on the US-Canadian border in Niagara. His name is Ralphie and he is a French bulldog: at first, when he landed in the Big Apple, he was adopted by a woman who, after a few days, then brought him back. His story, told by CNN, went viral after the announcement by the Niagara SPCA that described Ralph to potential adopters as follows: “He’s like a little demon in a rather small package. Everything belongs to him. If you dare put test his ability to possess things, anger will ensue. If you show a moment of weakness, prepare to be exploited”. Perhaps a somewhat “strong” announcement that did not particularly entice families to take the puppy into the home This week, the same association published a more tender post on Facebook to encourage adoption.

His own story

In total there are three failed adoptions for Ralph. The first family relocated him to the shelter after the training was unsuccessful. His second family handed him back after he “annoyed” their older dog. And, finally, the return in a short time by a woman from New York. The grumpy puppy is now enrolled in an intense six-week training program which starts tomorrow 20 February. The shelter said it would begin screening potential adopters immediately and noted that the only thing Ralph really needs “is just love.” The volunteers are also raising funds to cover the $6,000 tuition needed for the recovery program.