Noe: “I won the emotions tangled inside me, I finally feel free”

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“Too Hot Suddenly” is a collection of eight songs in which Noah tells slices of life, with constant references to the evocative role of nature and places of origin. A sometimes raw but effective narration, which wants to minimize the distance with the listeners. From “Diamonds” which tells of the difficulty of keeping alive the ties with the land of origin when one is forced to leave, a “I would also have a child” which describes the desire for motherhood and its opposite, the sensuality of “touch me”to the mother-daughter relationship of “Sophia Loren”.

Noemi let’s start from the history of the album which, in addition to an artistic maturation, also marks a human maturation: how was it born and what was its complexity?

It was born from the desire to make a record and to play live and was designed not only for the songs but also for the live performances. The first piece born is I would also have a child, released before the Covid and then there was the interruption. I wanted to leave instinct as a form of writing, he guides the disc, and then many verses come from my improvisations on the piano and from comparisons with the musicians. Of the sentences I went to the bottom as if it were a therapy.
Diamonds it’s a formative piece, there are friendships that drift away and tears on the floor due to the difficulty of realizing one’s dreams: why is it difficult to explain new life and have you stopped keeping everything inside until you feel bad?

Growing up in a place far from where I was born, I missed the friendships that are easier to confide in. In the city it is more difficult to find true friends and you keep everything inside, then you also become aware that with old friendships a detachment is created, you understand that life changes and I found myself alone with myself and music, thanks to which I can but to express myself without fear.
I would also have a child it’s a song of loneliness, of absence: today have you found the formula to dance more and more?

I suffer from loneliness, I go from moments when I feel alone and without anyone to others when music and its sharing make me dance more.
Do you occasionally think about having a son or, despite being a woman, do you still feel like a daughter?

I feel so much daughter. I can’t complete this change. I’m a daughter and always young and I can’t face the brow. It is a period of questions: is having a child a maternal instinct or is it the culture of our society that imposes it? At the moment I don’t have an answer.
Touch me it is a song that transmits sensuality: let’s strip ourselves of all guilt in love what does it mean?
I’ve always seen love and sex as something I was ashamed to talk about, those words mean for me not to be afraid to face it freely to touch the soul as well as the flesh.
Speaking of love: is real love the one that comes in a second and makes you stop talking or does it need time to free yourself?

The real one needs time, what I’m talking about is another type of falling in love, it’s the one towards life, with every beautiful thing that gives you an emotion. When the emotion transmits an emotional heat I freeze.
Like my dad did it’s a poignant song that collects years of your life: how difficult is it to do it live? Moreover, the father figure also appears in Sciroccoso I think it remains central not only in your life but also in your art.

I am connected to family and friendships. This is not autobiographical, in fact it is the only passage in which I speak in the masculine, I identify myself in another person’s story. I felt it so close to me that I wanted to empathize with it. But Suddenly too hot it’s all a disc of ties.
Life upside down Sophia Loren who is it dedicated to? It sounds like a song where you make peace with yourself about a period in your life.

It’s for my mother, it’s an act of love for her. Writing it I wanted to go back in time because in a moment of difficulty I wanted to give her more, as a child I didn’t understand it and I think she too was good at not making me understand it, and I was unable to give her strength and stay close to her. She looks like the actress, hence the title.
In the end can we say that the sudden too much heat has left good sensations and a different, more mature woman?

Absolutely yes. Finally freed from the emotions I kept tangled inside.
What will happen in the coming weeks? Will you go home and by opening the window the sirocco will arrive?
When I miss it, I open the window and breathe the air of home even if I live in Milan. I have already opened the tour in Milan and now it will continue with other dates.