Nomisma, in one year spending capacity -54% and 26% of families fear the end of the month

Pandemic, Russian-Ukrainian conflict, soaring energy costs and rising inflation are the factors that have most recently hit economic, productive and social ecosystems

In 1 year the spending capacity of Italians has halved (-54%) and as many as 26% of families fear not making it to the end of the month. These are the data emerging from the Changing World Observatory that Nomisma has launched to better understand the world we live in and anticipate the one we will live in, through bimonthly surveys on a representative sample of Italians aged between 18 and 65 , allows you to interpret and anticipate the social changes underway and investigate citizens’ expectations, values, needs and purchasing models.

“The pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, soaring energy costs and rising inflation are the factors that have most recently hit economic, productive and social ecosystems. This climate of uncertainty – observe the analysts – also directly affects consumers who begin to feel intensely the decrease in their purchasing powerdata also confirmed by the latest Istat survey which saw retail sales decrease by 0.8% in volume”. And from the Observatory it emerges that in the last year 88% of households have adopted appropriate savings strategies to cope with the increase in energy prices and the general increase in costs. Despite this, 14% of those interviewed believe they earn less than they would need to support the necessary expenses.

by the way, 25% of families find themselves spending all they earn just to meet strictly necessary expenses such as utilities, unforeseen events concerning one’s home and power supply, without being able to afford anything else. Only 1 out of 2 Italians spends less than what they earn, thus managing to save something without having to make too many sacrifices. The survey conducted by Nomisma highlights how the search for savings is above all driven by the uncertainty that heavily conditions this phase of the economic cycle. 38% of those who save do so precisely because the future seems too uncertain, while 23% put money aside to calmly face any unexpected expenses.

The results of the research show that in the last 12 months the ability to save has decreased or greatly decreased for 54% of Italians. Looking to the future, the prospects do not look better: not only do families fear not being able to save, but 26% of them fear not being able to make ends meet. Furthermore, thinking about family savings or figuring out how to save part of your income is a reason for anxiety and stress for 1 out of 2 Italians.

“The current historical period and the events of the last three years have changed and continue to profoundly change the daily life of Italians” he points out Valentina Quaglietti of Nomisma. “If on the one hand we have become aware of the fact that a new normal has emerged that has nothing to do with the pre-pandemic, on the other – continues Quaglietti – the awareness has also spread that the occurrence of new normals.”

“And it is precisely on these assumptions that Nomisma has created this new observatory which aims to be a concrete tool at the disposal of companies, associations, institutions and policy makers who – in a constantly changing world – want to promptly intercept new trends and make knowledge of their reference market is a strategic lever for growth”, he finally underlines.