Nord Stream, Sweden media: 50 meters destroyed by explosion

According to the results of the preliminary investigation by the Danish police, the leaks in both pipelines were caused by “powerful explosions”

At least 50 meters of the pipeline Nord Stream 1 they were destroyed by the alleged attack last month. This is what emerges from underwater images shown by the Swedish tabloid Expressen, where 50 meters of the pipeline are missing at a depth of 80 meters. The pipeline metal appears heavily deformed in some places, with rips and cracks in others.

Only extreme force could have bent such thick metal in this way“commented Trond Larsen of the company Blueeye Robotics, who shot for the newspaper.

Today the Danish police reported the results of the preliminary investigation on the four gas leaks from the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, for the transport of Russian gas through the Baltic. The leaks, it is reported, were produced by “powerful explosions”. Yesterday, German investigators stated that the damage to the pipelines was probably caused by sabotage, a hypothesis very close to that which Sweden has also arrived at.