Nordio: “No weakening in contrast to the mafias. Me facilitator? Bewilderment and outrage”

“In the program announced by this government there is no trace, and there could not have been, of changes to the discipline of external competition in mafia association”. Thus the Keeper of the Seals returns to extinguish the controversy during the question time in the Chamber of Deputies

In the reform program on the table of the government there is no trace of changes to the discipline of external competition in mafia association: “There is not, it does not exist and it will not be done”. Thus the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio replied today, July 19, during question time in the Chamber to a question on external competition in mafia association, regarding the recent controversies that have erupted after his statements on the subject. attack plot foiled by the carabinieri of General Dalla Chiesa. You will understand my bewilderment and my indignation when someone called me a facilitator of mafia delinquency”, added the Minister of Justice, assuring that there will be “no weakening in the fight against the mafia”. The minister then recalled that “the problem arose due to the application uncertainty of external competition, so much so that the Cassation changed its address at the time”. And he added: “My interpretation is even more severe than that of my critics: because even those who are not organic to the mafia, if they in any case facilitate its task, are mafia members in all respects”.

Nordio’s words on the external competition

A storm had been unleashed on the external competition in mafia association since Nordio, a few days ago, had hypothesized to “remodulate” the crime, proposing to typify the case “with an ad hoc rule”. At the moment, Nordio specified, “it does not exist as a crime, it is a jurisprudential creation”, adding that “the very word external competition is an oxymoron”, because “either you are inside or you are outside and competing from the Latin means staying inside”.

Meloni: “No measures on external competition”

Nordio’s statements have prompted the government to specify several times that the reform of external assistance has never been planned, as reiterated today by the minister himself. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni did the same in Palermo for the 31st anniversary of the massacre in Via D’Amelio, where on 19 July 1992 the judge Paolo Borsellino and five agents of his escort were murdered. “As far as Nordio is concerned, the things you have to do and do, while after all you can avoid talking. Nordio answered a question on the subject of external competition in the mafia association, but he himself immediately said that it was not something foreseen in the center-right government program, and in fact there is not and in fact there has been no provision on this “said Meloni.