North Korea, expelled American soldier defector Travis King

North Korea has decided to expel Travis King, the African-American soldier who defected on July 18 by voluntarily crossing the military demarcation line into the North, during a tour of the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas. A senior US administration official told CNN that the soldier is now in US custody. The US made no concessions to North Korea in exchange for the release of soldier Travis King. This was reported by a senior American official in a briefing with a small group of journalists.

Escorted at the airport, USA: “China has facilitated transit”

Last July, Travis King, after being in prison for two months due to a drunken brawl in a nightclub and an altercation with the local police in Seoul, was released and was escorted to the airport to return to the United States United for a disciplinary hearing. “China helped facilitate the transit of Travis King from North Korea,” the senior official revealed, “Beijing played no role other than to collaborate in the passage of King from North Korea to its territory “, he precised. The main interlocutor for this operation was Sweden.

The escape

King was about to be repatriated when he fled the airport after security checks to join a tourist visit to the Joint Security Area in Panmunjom, the demilitarized area that acts as a buffer between the two Koreas. There the soldier would then leave the tour group he had joined to illegally cross the border into North Korea.