North Korea fires 200 artillery shells, Seoul evacuates two islands

South Korea announces “measures corresponding to North Korea’s provocations”. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un is thinking of a “military confrontation” with the enemy

There North Korea fired about 200 artillery rounds into the waters off its western coast. This was reported by the South Korean military, who – reports the Yonhap agency – announced that they had detected the activity between 9 and 11 am local time. For the Seoul military it is a “provocation”.

“The entire responsibility for such situations of escalation of the crisis falls on North Korea – said the spokesperson, Colonel Lee Sung-jun -. We strongly ask that it stop immediately”. He added: “In close coordination between South Korea and the United States, our military is tracking and monitoring the activities.” Furthermore, “measures corresponding to North Korea’s provocations” were announced.

As a preventive measure, Yonhap reports, the civilian population of Yeonpyeong and Baengnyeong islands were ordered to safety.

Kim thinks of a “military confrontation” with the enemy

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un insists on strengthening Pyongyang’s “deterrence”, with a view to a “military confrontation”, and does so during a visit to an arms factory. The North Korean agency KCNA reported this, without specifying the date of the visit or where the plant is located. As the South Korean media highlights, Kim ordered measures to strengthen Tel’s production capacity (launcher elevator transporter for transporting and launching missiles).

According to the KCNA, “in light of the current serious situation, which requires the country to be strongly prepared for a military confrontation with the enemy”, Kim “indicated the tasks for the factory”.

Accompanying Kim during the visit was his daughter Ju-ae, who – according to South Korean intelligence, is the “most likely” heir to the throne.