North Korea, Kim and a new law: “We will never give up nuclear weapons”

The leader of Pyongyang: “No to talks on denuclearization, yes to preventive attacks”

With a new law, North Korea declares its status as a country with nuclear weapons. A move that Kim Jong-un calls “irreversible.” The North Korean leader swears that North Korea “will never give up” nuclear weapons and says there can be no negotiations on denuclearization. The new law, passed unanimously by the Supreme People’s Assembly, also sanctions – reports the CNN – Pyongyang’s right to preventive nuclear attacks.

“The adoption of laws and regulations relating to the national nuclear force policy – said Kim – is an extraordinary event since it represents our declaration that we have legally acquired deterrence as a means of national defense”.

“As long as nuclear weapons, imperialism and anti-North Korean maneuvers by the US and its followers exist on Earth – he insisted – our road to strengthening our nuclear strength will never end”. The new law also prohibits the sharing of nuclear technology with other countries.