North Korea, Kim bans the leather jacket

The leader ‘launched’ the jacket in 2019, then many copied it and so …

Only the party can decide who can wear a leather jacket in North Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il began exhibiting it in 2019 and it soon became a trend. Before, only the richest could afford it, but then came cheap imitations. And Kim didn’t like that at all, says Radio Free Asia. Now the order is to confiscate the vests, whether they are worn or for sale.

In January, numerous senior poppies sported leather jackets during a military parade, further fueling public interest. Women also like the jacket, after they have seen it worn by Kim Yo Jong, the leader’s powerful sister.

Now the police intervene directly with the manufacturers, so that they do not sell jackets like those of the North Korean leader. On the street, policemen stop the wearer. And to those who protest saying that they have regularly bought them, the police respond that wearing clothes like that of the leader is “an impure trend that challenges the authority of your dignity”. The agents explain that the vests cannot be worn “because the directives of the party decide who can wear them”.