North Korea, Kim Jong Un: “South’s main enemy, ready to occupy it”

The risk of armed conflict between North and South Korea remains high. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has in fact once again defined the South as Pyongyang’s “main enemy” and promised to protect his country through force rather than negotiations. This was made known by North Korean state media, quoted by the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Kim: “Stop cooperation commitment”

Kim Jong Un’s words come at a time when the North has decided to abandon its decades-long policy of seeking reunification with the South and called for codifying the commitment to “fully occupy” South Korean territory in the event of war. “Defining the South Korean puppets as the most harmful primary enemy and the indisputable main enemy, and deciding as a national policy to occupy their territory in case of emergency, is a reasonable measure for our country’s eternal security and peace and stability of the future,” Kim told North Korean news agency KCNA. “Peace is not something that should be begged for or obtained in exchange for talks,” Kim said, adding that Pyongyang no longer faces the “unrealistic test” of engaging in cooperation with the South.