North Korea, Kim: “There will be an exponential increase in nuclear weapons”

The North Korean leader’s promise for 2023, while indicating South Korea as Pyongyang’s “undoubted enemy”

An “exponential” increase in nuclear weapons and the development of more ballistic missiles. That’s what the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un promises for 2023, while indicating South Korea as Pyongyang’s “undoubted enemy”. “The current situation requires our country to redouble its efforts to massively strengthen our military power to safeguard our sovereignty, security and national interest to cope with the dangerous military moves of the United States and other hostile forces that they target us,” Kim said, speaking at the end of the Workers’ Party plenary meeting, which closed on Sunday.

Day in which North Korea launched three more ballistic missiles, concluding a year in which it raised the bar of provocations against Seoul, Tokyo and Washington, ‘distracted’ by the war in Ukraine. Kim accused South Korea and the United States in particular of having carried out a “plot to isolate and suffocate” Pyongyang, a plan “unprecedented in human history”. And Seoul has become “our undoubted enemy”, accused the North Korean leader, describing it as “devoted to an imprudent and dangerous accumulation of weapons”.

Pyongyang tested more than 70 ballistic missiles in 2022 and in November resumed testing ICBMs for the first time since 2017, successfully launching a Hwasong-17, potentially capable of hitting anywhere in the United States.