North Korea, Kim threatens ‘preventive’ use of nuclear weapons

Pyongyang must work to have “overwhelming military force that no power in the world can provoke”

Kim Jong Un threatens the “preventative” use of nuclear weapons. The North Korean leader, reports the KCNA agency, confirmed the will to “constantly maintain and develop the absolute superiority” of the armed forces to “contain and preventively frustrate all dangerous attempts and acts of threat, including nuclear, if necessary, placed by hostile forces “. And he stressed that Pyongyang must continue to work in order to have an “overwhelming military force that no power in the world can provoke”.

“It is – he argued during a meeting with military officers of which the KCNA reported – the lifeline that guarantees the safety of our country, of people and of the future”. In recent days, the North Korean leader had announced his intention to further strengthen the nuclear capabilities of his regime during the military parade that took place in central Pyongyang to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the army.