North Korea launches 3 more short-range ballistic missiles

The General Staff of the South Korean army denounced it

North Korea has launched three more ballistic missiles towards the sea east of the Korean peninsula. This was reported by the South Korean army General Staff, explaining that the three short-range ballistic missiles were launched around 8 am local time from the province of North Hwanghae, south of the capital, Pyongyang. The three missiles flew at an altitude of about 100 kilometers and covered a range of about 350 kilometers, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported, citing Tokyo’s defense ministry.

The US Indo-Pacific Command said it was aware of the new missile launch and was “in close contact with our allies and partners for consultations”.

The latest ballistic missile launch does not pose a direct threat to the US or its citizens or even to Washington’s allies, the United States itself reports.

Today is just the latest in an unprecedented series of missile tests conducted by North Korea this year.