North Korea launches ballistic missile, alert in Japan

The rocket flew over the country before ending up in the sea. Alarm sirens in many cities. US hear allies for “robust” response

New, dangerous provocation by Pyongyang. North Korea launched a ballistic missile that flew over Japan, an escalation for which the head of the Tokyo government, Fumio Kishida, spoke of “violent behavior”. News of the test was given by the South Korean military leaders: the General Staff reported that the North Koreans launched a medium-range ballistic missile, which flew over the eastern part of the Japanese archipelago, reaching a distance of 4,500 kilometers and an altitude of 970, before ending up in the Pacific Ocean. After the launch, Tokyo issued a warning asking residents of two northern regions of the country to evacuate to shelters.

The United States “strongly condemns North Korea’s reckless and dangerous decision,” reads a note from the White House National Security Council spokesman, in which it is reported that Councilor Jack Sullivan spoke with his colleagues in Seoul. and Tokyo, consulting “on adequate and robust international responses“to be given to the new provocation of Pyongyang.

Sullivan then reiterated “the firm commitment of the United States to the defense of Japan and the Republic of Korea: the United States will continue to work to limit North Korea’s ability to carry out its banned ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction programs. , also with the allies and partners of the United Nations “.