North Korea, Seoul denounces the launch of 10 missiles: “Never got so close”

Dropped into the sea 60 km off the South Korean coast

North Korea launched at least ten missiles off its eastern and western coasts this morning. One of them fell closer than ever to South Korea, less than 60 kilometers from its southern coast. This was reported by the Seoul army, which responded by firing missiles over the sea border.

“The launch of the North Korean missile is really unusual and unacceptable as it first landed near South Korean territorial waters south of the Northern Limit Line (the disputed maritime border between the two Koreas, ed)” since the peninsula was divided , said Kang Shin-chul, the director of operations of the South Korean Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

The launches came just hours after Pyongyang called on the United States and South Korea to stop large-scale military exercises, saying “such recklessness and military provocation can no longer be tolerated.” The first launch was also reported by the Japanese Coast Guard, which said it had received no reports of injuries or damage.