North Korea tests submarine drone: “It can create radioactive tsunami”

Pyongyang: “Demonstrating military strike capability to warn the enemy of effective nuclear power”

There North Korea confirmed today that it has tested “an underwater strategic nuclear weapon” facing the coast of Riwon, in the southern province of Hamgyong, a weapon designed “to infiltrate operational waters and create a large radioactive tsunami”. The underwater drone, which was tested on Tuesday, dropped a warhead that sailed at a depth of between 80 and 150 meters in the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan for 59 hours and 12 minutes, according to the KCNA press release.

“After organizing and conducting a combined tactical exercise simulating a nuclear counterstrike, the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party commanded exercises from March 21 to 23, which served as a demonstration of military strike capability to warn the enemy of the actual nuclear power and verify the reliability of the nuclear self-defense forces”, Pyongyang announced again.

North Korea accuses the United States and South Korea of ​​practicing “occupation of the North” during joint military maneuvers called “Freedom Shield”. Faced with these maneuvers, Pyongyang says it must “urgently prepare all the structures of its armed forces for war and strengthen its nuclear capabilities, both in terms of quality and quantity”.

Finally, it is stated that the leader Kim Jong Un supervised the test with “great satisfaction” expressing the intention to push both Washington and Seoul to “despair for their choice to make this high-level military demonstration”.