North Korea: “US military hysteria and Seoul, we are headed for clash”

North Korean military vowed to take ” resolute and overwhelming ” measures in response to joint US-South Korea military air drills

The North Korean military has promised to take “resolute and overwhelming” measures in response to joint US-South Korea military air exercises. It is, according to him Staff of the Korean People’s Army (Kpa)of “an evident provocation at the international level aimed at increasing tension in the region and dangerous military exercise of a highly aggressive nature that aims directly at targeting” North Korea.

“The serious situation that prevails on the Korean peninsula due to the reckless military hysteria from the United States and South Korea is now heading for an unstable confrontation“, reads a note in English released by the state news agency KCNA. The North Korean army has conducted its exercises to simulate attacks on air bases and aircraft to” destroy the persistent war hysteria of the enemies, “he said. The KPA said The joint US-South Korea military air exercises ended Saturday after six days.