North West estranged from TikTok because of her family’s business interests?

Trademark for North?

According to TMZ, kim kardashian would be in the process of apply for your daughter’s name as a trademark to include it in a toy line, advertising services and even a beauty line.

This information has generated speculation that North’s decision to move away from tiktok was motivated by the commercial pressure from his family.

North’s skin care trademark application includes a variety of products, from skin moisturizers to cosmetics and fragrances.

Many interpret this request as a strategy to prevent third parties from using your daughter’s name to exploit it commercially.

The temporary suspension of the TikTok account

Despite the fact that North and Kim Kardashian’s TikTok account is reportedly supervised by the little girl’s mother, it was reported that the decision to temporarily suspend the account it was taken by North without Kim’s consent.

after a few hoursthe account became active again with all normal videos. Although the length of time North will stay away from the social network is unknown, many speculate that commercial pressure from the Kardashian family was what led to the reopening of the TikTok account.