Northern Ireland-Italy, Mancini: “Let’s avoid anxiety and win”

The blue coach: “Let’s not forget what we have done and let’s play with complete peace of mind”

“No anxiety, we win”. On the eve of the challenge between Italy and Northern Ireland, decisive for the direct qualification for the world championship in Qatar, the blue coach Roberto Mancini spurs the national team: “What he has been doing for three years was unthinkable, no one believed it. We also know that during a journey there are more difficult moments, we were not still happened and tomorrow is a delicate moment but they are guys who must not forget what they have done and play with the utmost tranquility. Against Switzerland we suffered a little anxiety, tomorrow, against Northern Ireland there will be pressure but we must avoid anxiety“. “Bad thoughts? Bad thoughts are about serious things, it’s a football match, even if it’s an important one. We will see what happens, we will have to play our game, try to have a good match and win, even if it won’t be easy “, says the coach.

Mancini underlines: “As far as we are concerned, we have to win, then I think that in these races everyone will give their best, Northern Ireland like Bulgaria. We have to think about winning our game. Our national team always has pressure, tomorrow a little more but we have to stay focused on what we have to do. “” Could the shooting from outside tomorrow be the key? Surely high balls no, they seem quite tall to me. We must try to win by playing fast and being fast in the game, ball on the ground. It will not be an easy match, they defend in many and well “, he explains.

There will be many absentees also tomorrow for Mancini. “All the teams at the moment have injuries, we are in November and the boys have played many games. We are a strong team, even if we lack important players, and we will try to achieve a result anyway”, added the coach who is not worried. goals to score. “It is not a question of scoring many goals, but of playing the game. Up to now Northern Ireland have not conceded a goal here and there will be a reason, we must win then if we score more goals we will be happy and have more chances to pass. “

The coach is not unbalanced on training. “We of great physicality have only Scamacca, then everyone is able to play the ball on the ground and with speed. We must avoid long balls, it is their bread. In the first leg we had several opportunities playing ball on the ground. In midfield Will Tonali be there? Today we are evaluating the recovery of all the boys. He certainly entered well and is in a moment of excellent form, he could also be there “.