Northern League player Pillon criticizes Maneskin’s look at the MTV EMAs. Damiano’s reply

“In a while we will come to the men’s bra,” writes Lega senator Pillon in a post on Facebook. Damiano replies and thanks the fans for making this historic moment possible

Another triumph to the sound of controversy. A few days after winning the MTV Europe Music Awards, the Maneskin, the first Italian group to receive and win in an international category in the history of this award, are targeted by Simone Pillon. In the wake of the Cousins ​​of the Countryside, this time not the whole look of the band goes under attack, but that of Damiano who performed on stage in coulottes and a garter.

The attack of the senator of the League

“The Maneskin in Budapest, in front of a stiff presenter in kilt (he must have confused the Scoti with the Hungarians) complete with a performer (boy) in coulottes and garters, receive MTVEMA. We will soon come to the men’s bra. Obviously, once they have taken the microphone, they cannot avoid the whining for the resounding rejection of the Zan bill ”.

The Maneskins and inclusivity

Pillon, a conservative Catholic among the organizers of the Family day, opponent of the extension of marriage rights to homosexual couples, did not hide the opposition to the garments worn by the Maneskins and did not digest Damiano’s jab in favor of inclusiveness. “This year, in particular, we must be proud of our country for the results achieved not only by us but by many sportsmen and by many cultural personalities. Too bad for civil rights, where we continue to lag behind and instead for us it would have been the most important victory “, said the 22-year-old Roman after the victory.

The comparison with Povia

Pillon writes again: “I remember the massacre to which Povia was subjected only for having dared to participate in the 2007 Family day defending the natural family. It is easy to go according to the current of the politically correct (o) tto. As young people who say they are alternative and rebellious, I would have expected something different, I know, on stage the boys in tuxedos and the young lady in evening dress, complete with statements such as’ children have the right to have a mum and a dad “.

Question and answer

The Maneskin replica was not long in coming. With a post on Instagram Damiano wanted to thank everyone for making this historic moment possible. Then with an ironic ps he added: “You’re right Simo, next time complete and paPillon”. All accompanied with a final heart. In a second post, the frontman posted self-deprecating memes including a man crossing the street in thigh boots and two cartoon characters in fishnet stockings and garters.