Northern League Stefani: “Autonomy is an opportunity, no tricks are enough to gain consensus”

“Someone fuels north-south opposition”

Differentiated autonomy “is a great opportunity for our country”. But someone “feeds the North-South opposition, with little means to regain consensus”. Interviewed by AdnKronos Erika Stefani, Venetian senator of the League, former minister for regional affairs of Salvini’s party, at the time of the Conte I government, has no doubts about the flagship reform of the League, with the acceleration of minister Roberto Calderoli who aims for a green light in the coming weeks of the council of ministers to its text for regional autonomy. “I spent more than a year, as Minister of Regional Affairs, also fighting with the political component that was at the time with the League in government, with the Five Stars for this goal”, recalls the policy of Trissino, in the Vicenza area.

Stefani rejects the accusations of recent days that have invested his party colleague Roberto Calderoli, considering them incorrect and instrumental for the controversies of those who accuse the League of making a reform that is only pro-North. “There is no accentuation, as we read in the controversies of the Five Star Movement and beyond, of the gap between north and south. There is not this at all”. On the contrary, it must be said that “there are difficulties in Italy today, such as, for example, those linked to the difficulty of local administrations in making good use of the funds by the Regions and local administrators”. “Differentiated regionalism will give these people more responsibility” to the administrators, “then it will obviously be up to the voters, the citizen, to choose their most capable representatives in the Region”, says the head of the Autonomy department of the League.

‘enough of politics that use little tricks to recover consensus’

For Stefani, with this reform “the territories are made more responsible, giving competences to the regions, new responsibilities are also given” and the areas of the whole peninsula are enhanced “because every Italian territory has characteristics and peculiarities that are excellent”. An objective that of valorisation “which only those who know those realities can do, being able to give more immediate answers and more adherent to that territory”.

“We really have to think of a new world, where responsibilities and skills are valued” we have to say enough to “a system that generates itself and sustains itself, it’s not like that there are ideas there are projects, but they must be brought forward on men’s legs”, is the heartfelt appeal of the Northern League, which does not fail to criticize those who exploit this issue. “I am sorry to see that there is still politics that wants to fuel the recovery of consensus too, on a dialectic of North-South opposition, which is truly anti-historical and harmful, harmful for the peoples of the South themselves”. “We need to think that we are truly one nation, and we have our own values ​​and goals, among which is national unity.” “We are not going to recover the votes with half-heartedly”, concludes Stefani.