Norwegian Seafood Council, zero antibiotics in salmon farms

In 2020, 99% of Norwegian salmon was not treated with antibiotics. From the last report Norm-Vet 2020, an annual report presenting data on resistance and use of antibiotics in Norwegian livestock and food production, shows “the major success of the Norwegian aquaculture industry which has minimized the use of antibiotics in Norwegian food production. salmon farming. In fact, in 2020 there was the lowest number ever, 48 in total, of veterinary antibiotic treatment prescriptions for Norwegian aquaculture farms. This means that 99% of farmed Norwegian salmon was produced without any antibiotic treatment”, Says the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Antimicrobial Awareness Week is held annually in November to remember how antimicrobial resistance, caused by the excessive or improper use of antimicrobials such as antibiotics, is a global health and development problem. “Precisely for this reason, the food industry also has an important responsibility to tackle this problem, even quickly – he said Gunvar Lenhard Wie, Norwegian Seafood Council Italy Director – The Norwegian salmon farming industry was the real pioneer in this field: since the mid-1990s we have virtually eliminated the need for antibiotics through the effective use of vaccines and focusing on fish welfare“.

In 2020, 1.4 million tonnes of salmon were raised in the fjords along the Norwegian coast. “This is the result of the industry’s great attention to fish welfare and food safety – comments Wie – We are proud that Norwegian aquaculture is the best in the world when it comes to the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry“.

“Norway, long before the deadlines dictated by the institutional bodies in charge at international and European level, practically eliminated the use of antibiotics. Thanks to a careful vaccination plan. So much so that nowadays the use of antibiotics is under 1%, strongly below the European average and the report of the European Medicines Agency as early as 2016 identified Norway as an example of effective fight against antibiotic resistance – says Valentina Tepedino, veterinarian, contact person of the working group on fish products of the Society of Preventive Veterinary Medicine – In short In my opinion, Norwegian aquaculture is certainly at the forefront of the rest of the world because it is subject to numerous authorities responsible for monitoring environmental aspects, fish welfare and consumer protection. and, in addition to producing more and more sustainable salmon every year, it also produces hundreds of research and analyzes useful to improve and continue to innovate this sector and to communicate it better ”.