Not everyone imagines Serena Autieri’s qualification: would you ever have said that?

Not everyone imagines the qualification of the wonderful actress Serena Autieri: would you ever have said that?

Serena Autieri is one of the best known and most appreciated faces in our country. In addition to her career as an actress, she is also a successful singer and presenter, but do you know what her educational qualification is? Not everyone imagines it.

Not everyone knows Serena Autieri’s qualification, let’s find out together! (Source Instagram)

The success for the beautiful actress comes thanks to one of the most followed and long-lived Italian soap operas, A Place in the Sunplaying the role of the singer Sara De Vito. From there his career becomes unstoppable and he participates in projects such as the Musical Roman holidays with Massimo Ghini. In addition to her acting career, Autieri also has a beautiful voice, and this has allowed her to be an even more versatile artist. As for her love life, studded with multiple stories with successful men, she then got married in 2013 to the manager Enrico Griselli with whom he had a daughter in 2013. But do you know what her qualification is?

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Do you know what Serena Autieri’s qualification is? Not everyone knows!

Thanks to her wonderful voice, Autieri was also able to interface with the world of dubbing. She lent her voice to the character of Elsain the animated film Frozen. Born in 1976 and originally from Naples, Serena Autieri since childhood she shows a strong predisposition to dance, singing and acting. The actress already had clear ideas for being a child, but in the meantime her school path has continued, parallel to the artistic one.

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Serena Autieri degree
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After obtaining the diploma at the l‘Naples Art Instituteattends the faculty of architecture ofFederico II University, simultaneously embarking on her acting career and acting in several theatrical performances. It is not clear if she has officially graduated in architecture, what is certain is that the actress has always been involved in all the activities of her life. In fact, already in 1997, when she was just over twenty years old, she had already recorded her first album entitled Soul soul. Really amazing!

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And you knew what is the qualification achieved by the beautiful and talented Serena Autieri?