Not everyone imagines that Robert Pattinson also has a home in Italy: it’s not very far from another star’s villa

We will see him as Batman in the new Matt Reeves film, out on March 4th: do you know where Robert Pattinson’s house in Italy is?

Guest today February 26 at Verissimo where he talked about himself even in his most private aspects to the microphones of Silvia Toffanin, Robert Pattinson he is currently one of the most acclaimed Hollywood actors.

Not everyone knows that Robert Pattinson also has a home in Italy: it is not very far from the villa of another star (Mediaset Infinity)

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At just 35, he boasts a film career studded with world-class successes, which began in the theater when he was very young. Noted for his undeniable talent, the London star played the character Cedric Diggory in the 2005 saga of Harry Potter and achieved worldwide fame as the vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Although it seems impossible for an actor, Robert admitted to Verissimo that he was shy: “When I was twenty I knew that this was the job I would be doing for the rest of my life. I was shy and still am. When I walk down the street I try to hide because I am embarrassed to talk to people “.

His millions of fans may not know that, in addition to London and Los Angeles, Robert also owns a house in Italylet’s find out where exactly!

Not just London and Los Angeles: this is where Robert Pattinson’s home is located in Italy

Engaged with the English model Suki Waterhouse, in recent years the actor has returned to live in the English capital, his hometown, to live with his partner. Before he lived in Los Angeles in a mega mansion with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewartactress with whom he shared the set of Twilight.

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To Silvia Toffanin, Robert also spoke of his love for Italy and, right in the beautiful country he has a house: it is a wonderful villa located in Menaggioon Lake Como.

An enchanting place that also made another Hollywood celebrity fall in love: we are obviously talking about the beloved George Clooney who, as everyone knows, bought a villa here several years ago. The Italian homes of the two actors are only seventeen kilometers away.

Robert Pattinson home Italy
Photo source: Mediaset Infinity

You will go to see Robert in the cinema as Batman?