Not everyone knows what Nina Zilli is a graduate of

Nina Zilli is a beloved singer-songwriter but before reaching the success she has today she graduated, do you know what?

Since he made his debut in the music business Nina Zilli it has obtained acclaim and numerous prizes and awards. She’s an artist of some magnitude, a songwriter, a radio host, and a beloved television personality.

Nina Zilli, graduate (credits: instagram) sologossip

In 2022 he published his first novel, The Last of Seven. In an interview with Vanity Fair she said she started writing it some time ago. She explained that in her life since 18 she has written many or at least she has started writing them but she has not completed them and this time she has succeeded. Nina said that she does not see herself in the protagonist even if there are certainly things of her in her: “At one point she says she has The Ring girl hair, well that’s me“.

Apparently in the novel she has inserted traits of her friends, the life of the tours, her musicians, the jokes, the life she sees on her doorstep and the different shades of hearts that she herself has tried to imagine. She is a singer-songwriter and writing, although writing a novel is very different, has always been part of her life. Today she is much loved and is very famous by the public but do you know everything about her? Perhaps not everyone knows that she graduated years ago: let’s find out what.

Nina Zilli what she studied: let’s find out what the singer graduated years ago

Nina Zilli she is a singer-songwriter with an innate talent and in the last year she has used writing, a skill that has always accompanied her, to create and give shape to a novel, L’ultimo di sette. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she said that from the age of 18 she has always written pages and pages without completing the work and this time she succeeded.

Also in the same interview she explained the importance of music for her: “Music has cured my emotionality, it has done it all these years, since I was a child”, tells. Just Nina a few days ago and still today she was mostly at the center of gossip: she is pregnant with her partner Danti and it was not her who broke the news but if Fabrizio Baggio escaped during the live instagram of the Fiorello Viva Rai 2 program Today she is among the most loved and appreciated artists on the music scene but do we know everything about her? Do you know what she majored in?

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Nina Zilli, background (credits: instagram) sologossip

After graduating from the scientific high school of Piacenza, the singer graduated a few years later in Public Relations at the Iulm University of Milan. She later made her television debut as an MTV veejay. After this first debut of hers comes her debut with music before her with some groups and later, in 2009, she signs a record deal with Universal.