Not everyone remembers what Anna Tatangelo was like in her beginnings: she was only 15 years old, unbelievable

Today Anna Tatangelo looks like this and is beautiful, but do you remember how it was at the beginning? She was only 15: here she is, beyond belief.

Its beauty has absolutely no limits. We are talking about her: Anna Tatangelo! To date, the beloved singer, presenter and judge of All Together Now, made her debut on the Italian music scene when she was really very young.

Do you remember what Anna Tatangelo was like in her early days? Photo Source: Instagram

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Born in Sora on January 9, 1987, Anna Tatangelo he immediately realizes what his greatest passion is: music. And so, also pushed by the approval of her parents, she begins to take part in various singing competitions. The debut on the small screen, however, comes only in 2002. When, after having participated and won ‘The Academy of Song’ in Sanremo with the song of Syria, Tatangelo arrives in Sanremo Giovani. And with his ‘Doubly fragile’ he wins the victory. From that moment on, the beauty’s career literally took off. And, to this day, it continues to be a beloved voice. You are curious, however, to know what it was like in its beginnings? Having established that she was only 15, are you curious to know how she has changed over the years?

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What was Anna Tatangelo like in her early days? He was only 15: unbelievable

In addition to his voice, Anna Tatangelo it absolutely cannot go unnoticed for its incredible beauty. You are curious, however, to know what it was like in its beginnings? Did you know that almost 20 years have passed since that moment and that, after that moment, the singer of Sora has become a woman in all respects, as she was when she was only 15 years old?

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We were able to trace a shot of when Anna Tatangelo performed on the Sanremo stage with her song ‘Doubly fragile’. Of course, we will show it to you too. Before we do it, however, we anticipate you: you will be really impressed when you see it!

Anna Tatangelo beginnings
Photo Source: Youtube

Really beautiful, right? About 20 years have passed since that moment, yet Anna Tatangelo has always been beautiful. Of course, in the shot shown above she was only 15 years old, but now she is a woman and a beautiful mother. Leaving this aside, however, one cannot help but notice how much it hasn’t changed at all over the years. Do you agree?