Not just an actress, Beautiful’s Quinn has another job: you would never guess what it is

Not just an actress, Beautiful’s Quinn Fuller has another job: you would never guess what it is; the background that not everyone knows.

It was 2013 when she joined Beautiful and, from year to year, his character has acquired more and more importance. Today, Quinn Fuller is the absolute protagonist of the American soap opera.

Quinn in Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

In the Italian episodes, Quinn has just started a clandestine relationship with Carter Walton, attorney for the Forresters and a close friend of Ridge. How will Eric take it when she finds out that his wife slept with him? We’ll see! In the meantime, let’s talk about the actress who has been lending her face to Quinn for about ten years: the gorgeous Rena Sofer. The American actress has appeared in many successful series, but perhaps not everyone knows that also has another job! A passion that has turned into a real occupation. Let’s find out the details!

She’s Quinn in Beautiful but she’s not just an actress: here is Rena Sofer’s second job

All crazy for the “Quarter”! In America, the couple formed by Quinn and Carter drives Beautiful viewers crazy, who have cheered for their union since the first rapprochements. In Italy, the liason between the two lovers has just begun and really everything will have to happen! The two will try to stay away, but the attraction will become stronger and stronger. Waiting to discover all the twists that the soap will give us, we reveal an interesting curiosity concerning the Fuller interpreter. Let’s talk about the wonderful Rena Sofer, that is a talented actress, but not only!

The American star has given birth to a real job, born from his passion: that for ceramic. Through the website, fans can purchase the handmade creations right from her, from vases to cups, to incense burners. The actress, noticing the interest of her followers for her creations, decided to sell them. And for a good cause. “I want you to know that 10% of everything sold on my website will go to animal charities. As I love ceramics, I also love animals, ”said Sofer in a video shared on her Instagram channel, inviting fans to take a look at the site.

Today the actress is happy to devote herself to her three passions, acting, ceramics and animals, which she manages to reconcile, feeling fully satisfied with her life.

quinn beautiful
Rena Sofer (Credits Instagram)

And you, did you know this background on the beautiful Rena Sofer? Do not miss the next installments of Beautiful: incredible twists are coming and, for Quinn, also nasty surprises. Appointment every day on Canale 5, starting at around 1:00 pm.