Not just Ferragni, from Desperately Mom to Cynical Beautician: when mistakes pay dearly

After the pandoro gate, the judiciary will take its course. But it doesn’t mean that the followers are willing to forgive in the meantime, on the contrary

Communication error or aggravated fraud. While waiting to find out how the case of Chiara Ferragni’s Pandoro Balocco will end, Agcom moves forward and dictates new rules for influencers for greater transparency. And if the judiciary must take its course, It doesn’t mean that followers are willing to wait. Yes, because, as we know, the world of social media follows other logics and is not inclined to forgive. This is demonstrated by Ferragni’s followers who, after the ‘pandoro-gate’, continue to decrease. It is enough to read some comments on the latest posts of the most famous Italian influencer in the world to understand how strong the disappointment and indignation is over the whole affair. Scam or mistake, the ugly mess of the Ferragni house is now complete and it will take time and patience to mend things with your community.

Julia Elle and the Desperately Mom case

Julia Elle, a Turin influencer, better known on the web as Desperately mum, who ended up in a complicated media affair at the end of 2022, knows this well. She, young and beautiful, mother of three children, 5 publications with Mondadori, had won over her followers thanks to her videos ironic comments on motherhood and the story of her happy extended family. However, everything goes to pieces when her ex-partner, Paolo Paone, a record producer, tells the truth on Instagram, namely that the second born is not his son and that he is not allowed to see his daughter Chloe (the third born instead was born from Julia’s relationship with the new partner).

At that point she tells yet another story, made up of threats and domestic violence and the fear of telling the truth. In short, he plays the sincerity card but it’s too late, social media doesn’t forgive and so there are fewer followers and fewer collaborations with companies. Julia disappears from her social networks and channels, and slowly the photos of her children also disappear. A year of absence. The last post in February 2023 and then reappearing at the beginning of this year in a completely new, more sober, more reflective guise.

A return which, as she herself writes, brings with it new projects and does not lack the mea culpa on the exposure of her children on social media: “ten years ago – writes Julia – no one knew anything about how to use social media, not even me, they were like the first cars, we jumped into them and seat belts weren’t even included, but whoever crashed got hurt a lot. The rules were missing, the same ones that are needed today more than ever and which arise from the mistakes of those who did that who believed it was right with an instrument whose danger was unknown”. “Do I think I was wrong? Yes – admits the influencer -. Today, in light of how dangerous I consider the exposure of children online, I feel obliged to bring here the reflections that start from my mistakes and which I hope will bring attention to the need of new rules”.

Estetista Cinica’s apologies (in tears) to the community

Decidedly less serious is the case that ended up in the newspapers two years ago of Cristina Fogazzi, alias Cynical Beautician, who did not fail to publicly express her solidarity with her colleague and friend Chiara Ferragni by sending a little heart among the comments on the apology video posted by ‘influencers. Yes, because even the cynical beautician had to apologize (in tears) to her community due to an error in counting customer discounts accumulated based on purchases. An error that could have put her Veralab brand at risk but which, fortunately, did not have negative implications in terms of credibility.

The ClioMakeUp outburst

More recent, however, are the tears of ClioMakeUp, the beauty influencer who on social media in March 2023 vented about the unhealthy competition between brands and influencers and the lack of freedom of expression: “I can’t be the Clio of before”. The world of the web, especially beauty, underlines the influencer “has changed a lot”. It has become “a world of fear”. “I’m afraid to have my say, because whatever I say is filmed” and “I don’t want to work like that, I don’t want to compromise”, she concludes. In short, being an influencer is not always easy and mistakes sometimes pay dearly.

(Of Loredana Errico)