Not just in Grey’s Anatomy, where we saw the actor

Not only in Grey’s Anatomy, do you remember all the characters played by the actor? TRKnight has dressed many different roles.

Many know him mainly for the role of George O’Malley in the US television series Grey’s Anatomy. TRKnight he played this character from the first to the fifth season in an impeccable and unforgettable way was his exit from the scene that surprised all viewers.

A farewell that no one wanted and no one expected. George at the end of the fifth season decides to leave Seattle Grace Hospital and join the army. Before leaving he decides to go to greet his mother but out of the hospital to save a girl he is hit and dragged by a bus. He is seriously injured and disfigured so much that his colleagues, when he is taken to the emergency room, do not recognize him. Only Meredith recognizes him after he writes 007 on her hand with a finger, one of the nicknames by which the trainees called him. Unfortunately George is declared brain dead and his organs will be donated. This is one of the scenes that left its mark and viewers will never forget also why it marked the farewell of this character.

Not just in Grey’s Anatomy, where we saw the beloved actor. do you remember the characters of him? (Credits: youtube)

The series made him known all over the world but soon after, in the following years, the actor starred in other series and films, both in the cinema but above all on television: remember where we saw it?

Not only in Grey’s Anatomy: do you remember where we saw the actor in recent years?

TRKnight is best known for playing George O’Malley in the Grey’s Anatomy series. An American series that has been on the air since 2005 and which has achieved global success. The actor played one of his most beloved characters and his farewell stunned viewers at the time.

After saying goodbye to the series, he dressed new characters making himself known in very different roles from the young doctor. The actor is American and many of the films and TV series not produced in Italy were also broadcast in our country. And for this in this regard, remember where we saw it after Grey’s Anatomy?

TRKnight, where seen actor
Credits: youtube

We followed TRKnight in The Catch, When we rise, 42-The True Story of an American Legend, The Flight Attendant-The Flight Attendant, in 22.11.62, Genius and in Challenge to the President-The Comey Rule. What character do you remember played by the actor?