“Not with my son”: Lisandra Silva announces LAWSUIT against three journalists for comments about her son

Lisandra SilvaCuban model and influencer, announced that she will take legal action against three Chilean journalists, Luis Sandoval, Paula Escobar and Sergio Rojas, after they revealed personal information about her son.

The journalists’ accusations prompted Silva to respond furiously on social media, announcing that he will not tolerate compromising his family’s safety.

The controversy over an exchange

The conflict started when Sandoval revealed on the show “What am I telling you” that Silva he would not have wanted to pay for his eldest son’s nursery because he thought it was an exchange. The model quickly responded on her Instagram account, stating that the accusations were completely false.

Silva’s words

“I am going to sue you because not with my son, you can invent the cahuín you want, but not with my son”, assured the influencer. Lisandra wrote a strong disclaimer through her Instagram account, stating that she will not tolerate the safety of her family being compromised.

“There is a limit to the cahuín. When the safety and integrity of a minor is violated, things change. I become a lioness. Not with my son.” held.

“What people live behind those pages behind those copuchent characters. Stealing my son’s photo from a school page and making his whereabouts public ”Silva posted.

“They are terrible, report that terrible act, I am devastated.”

Silva’s response to the accusations

Silva explained that she is used to having stories made up about her life, but that she will not tolerate her family’s safety being compromised.

She also stated that she would like journalists to focus on highlighting her success and effort, instead of speaking ill of her to bring her down.

Obviously many people do not like and resent my success and my improvement. They have no choice but to discredit me night and day from their homes or behind an Instagram profile. The infamous HATER can hide behind any envious and/or opportunistic person who uses my image to gain visits, attention or simply feel better and less miserable by throwing shadows at me.Silva said.

Silva’s legal onslaught: “There is a limit to the cahuín”

Finally, Lisandra announced that she will sue Luis Sandoval for defamation and all the pages that support the accusations without evidence.

“There is a limit to the cahuín. When the security and integrity of a minor is violated, that man who goes around saying slander where he involves my son that I reiterate are completely false will be sued “stated the Cuban model.