Nothing will be the same at Beautiful: the twist concerns Bill Spencer

Nothing will be the same at Beautiful: the twist concerns Bill Spencer; what will happen in the next episodes of the soap.

The success of Beautiful: the soap opera has been company with audiences around the world for 35 years. Endless twists and turns in the plot of the series, which tells the story of the Forresters and their friends. Without forgetting the enemies!

Bill Spencer (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

And of enemies, the Forrester family, has so many, starting with Sheila Carter, who will soon return to the soap and will cause a lot of trouble. Today, however, we will talk about Bill Spencer, one of the most loved characters of recent years. Incredible surprises are on the way regarding Liam and Wyatt’s father. If you are not afraid of spoilers and are curious to know the previews from America, you are in the right place!

Beautiful, twist coming soon: Bill Spencer has to do with it

Between the episodes of Beautiful in America and broadcast in our country, on Canale 5, several months pass. Thanks to the previews, however, we can find out in advance what is happening overseas. Today we focus on Bill Spencer, who, in the Italian episodes, is involved in the delicate issue of the killing of Vinny Walker. The tycoon will cover up all the evidence to exonerate his son Liam, but soon the truth will emerge. But what is happening in America?

Apparently, after the parenthesis linked to Vinny’s death, Bill won’t be particularly central to the plot for quite some time. But, from the next episodes, something could change. As revealed by Tv Soap, in fact, the character played by Don Diamont will soon be the protagonist of a very important storyline. Is it a new romance or some other legal issue? This is not yet clear, but what is certain is that Bill will return to being the absolute protagonist. To the delight of the fans, who go crazy for Spencer, despite the fact that he is often the antagonist of the Forresters.

bill spencer beautiful
Bill in Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

We just have to wait to find out all the news of the longest-running soap opera on our TV. Are you following the new episodes?

Beautiful, previews: what will happen between Quinn and Carter?

The “Quarter” are the absolute protagonists of the current Italian episodes of Beautiful. Passion has erupted between Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton and the two are doing everything possible so that the truth does not come out. Thanks to Shauna’s intervention, Zoe is now convinced that she is the new woman of the lawyer, but soon everything will be discovered. The first to discover the truth will be Paris, Zoe’s sister and, to follow, everything will come to the ears of Brooke Logan! For the latter it is the perfect opportunity to take revenge once and for all on Quinn, for which she has no esteem. How will Logan behave? Find out for yourself!