Nougat and panettone: lots of tips and a playlist to avoid extra kilos

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Nougat, pandoro and panettone appeal to your senses? Does the fear of putting on a few extra pounds hover like impalpable icing sugar in your thoughts? Don’t worry: with the right Christmas background music and a few simple tips, you can enjoy the sweet taste of the holidays without fear. To create this wholesome and healthy playlist is Anna Onofrinutritionist biologist, who works in her studio in via Don Rocca 3/5 in Senago (Milan).

At christmas you can: a 2005 song sung in Italian and with the baby’s voice Alice which, from a jingle for commercials, becomes a true Christmas classic. The phrase “At Christmas you can do what you can never do (…) take that time you were chasing so much” is an invitation to take care of yourself during the Christmas holidays, taking care of social relationships, healthy conviviality, good food and reserving some time for regular physical activity.

Driving home for Christmas (1986) by Chris Rea it immerses us in the lively and at the same time muffled Christmas atmosphere made up of snowy landscapes and lights in which, even driving back home takes on a deeper meaning of search for affection and a return to origins. The dishes of the Christmas tradition are very different throughout the Peninsula and so are the moments in which they are celebrated: in the Center and in the South, in fact, the big celebration is the “Eve dinner” based on fish while in the North it is a must lunch on the 25th with tortellini, polenta, boiled meats and fragrant roasts. Respecting the traditions of our regional cuisine is important: food is culture as well as a pleasure.

Last Christmas (1984) of the Wham is one of the most loved Christmas catchphrases especially by my peers! It will be for that contrast between the catchy melody and the poignant love story made up of exes who console each other and others who despair; it will be for nostalgia seasoned with snowy landscapes and with the warmth of mountain huts populated by groups of boys who consume drinks galore. A one of the most widespread beliefs is that alcohol helps to warm us up: nothing could be more wrong! The feeling of

heat after drinking is only cutaneous and is due to the vasodilating action of ethanol. This allows blood to flow quickly and reach the extremities of the body by rapidly dispersing heat and thus cooling our body. Drinking alcohol is therefore dangerous in case of intense cold because it alters our thermoregulation systems.

Twelve Days of Christmas is an English folk song from the 16th century, by an unknown author, in which the gifts delivered during the twelve days of Christmas are described as in a nursery rhyme. Each stanza lists all the bounties from the previous stanzas, adding one. The duration of the holiday season is often the major problem for our line: if it is certainly allowed to celebrate during the days

Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it would be better not to spend the period from Boxing Day to New Year’s Eve overeating, trying to consume the leftovers of past libations. The secret lies in shopping in a balanced way, buying good quality food and above all in the right quantity to avoid overcrowded refrigerators that beg to be emptied to the detriment of our physical shape!

In Christmas lights (2010) i Coldplay they describe the loneliness and sadness of those who cannot feel the magic of Christmas because their heart is wounded by the end of a love affair. On days when family celebrates, those who are alone feel the sense of abandonment and sadness even stronger. The link between food and moods is very close. It often happens, even when full, to search for tempting and appetizing foods, defined as comfort foods, obeying an impulse, sometimes uncontrollable, of our system nervous that causes us to feed the emotions rather than the body. It is possible to feel hunger

as research – and not as a lack – to relieve the stress and anxieties of everyday life. The risk is to worsen one’s mood by triggering a vicious circle in which being overweight/obesity, resulting from the immoderate intake of comfort foods, worsens mood by accentuating anxiety, sadness and depression. Getting out of the loop is possible thanks to targeted psychological support and regular physical activity which favors the increase of endorphins, true molecules of pleasure.

Happy Xmas (War is over) of 1971 of John Lennon gives us a protest song that has become one of the most listened to Christmas classics. A wish for everyone: young, old, weak, strong, rich and poor to spend a new year with serenity, without war and in harmony with others. The theme of social inequalities has for many years been the subject of research aimed at bringing out incorrect eating habits both for socio-economic and geographical reasons. An excess of carbohydrates and foods rich in salt or the poor attitude to eat breakfast

they represent only some of the factors favoring obesity and metabolic pathologies such as diabetes. Fighting bad habits and educating to greater awareness even when shopping is a goal to be pursued from an early age and school can and must play a fundamental role in this sense.

All I Want For Christmas Is You (1994) is one of the most Christmas songs ever that has been at the top of the charts during the holidays for 30 years, a true record for streaming ratings. Mariah Carey, with a joyful melody and a festive atmosphere, claims that she does not want anything else for Christmas but her beloved. And if the Christmas wish were to treat yourself to a journey of well-being and food education, who should you contact? Dietician, nutritionist or dietician? The dietician is a graduate in medicine and surgery and must be specialized in food science. In addition to prescribing a food plan, he can formulate a clinical diagnosis and prescribe medications. The nutritionist is a biologist with a master’s degree, registered in the professional register, and is fully entitled to assess people’s energy and nutritional needs by developing food patterns in total autonomy, prescribing supplements when necessary. The dietician holds a three-year degree and elaborates, formulates and implements the diets prescribed by the dietician. The advice is to contact a serious and prepared professional who can guide you with competence and dedication in acquiring a new way of eating.

Jingle Bell Rock (1957) is of Bobby Helms. It is a song that owes its fortune to several covers published over the years and to its use as a soundtrack in famous films. The text evokes a dance in rock time to the rhythm of the bells, full of joy and youth, while it is snowing in the square and there is a beautiful Christmas tree…But what should be the rhythm to keep to burn the fat? To lose weight, losing fat mass, it is important to work in an aerobic regime,

maintaining a heart rate of about 60-70% of the maximum and practicing a brisk walk, run or bike ride for at least 40 minutes a day. The ideal is to alternate activities at higher frequencies with moderate activities to obtain greater results. As training progresses, the effort will decrease and the resistance will increase with increasingly evident results.

In baby Jesus (1979) Francis De Gregori through a seemingly naive letter written by a child to little Jesus, he tells us about the cruelty, hypocrisy and futility of war, describing what war is not: “Let it be as clean as a tiny wound, let it be as short as a snowflake. And let it carry away the bad death and the disease, let it last little and let it be like a game”. The theme of nutrition in children is extremely delicate and correct and early food education is sure promise of a healthy life as adults. Great importance must be given both to the caloric distribution of meals during the day and to the composition of the same with a correct intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Often, for organizational reasons, many children do not consume breakfast and then dive hungry mid-morning into packaged snacks rich in sugars or substantial greasy and salty focaccia.A healthy breakfast with milk or yoghurt and cereals with fruit and, as a snack, a fruit tea, a handful of almonds or a small piece of toast with jam can help the child keep blood sugar levels constant and avoid uncontrolled binge eating and lapses in attention at school.

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (1983) by Ryuichi Sakamoto is the splendid soundtrack of the film of the same name also known as Furyo and is the backdrop to a melancholy story set in Java in 1942 in which the sharing of the unshareable is told and the different positions of the protagonists regarding the key values ​​of life, each firmly convinced of your own ideas. Even in the field of nutrition there are many theories and we often feel disoriented between a zone diet, paleo, ketogenic, FodMAP, dissociated, Mediterranean, fasting-mimicking, Atkins, etc. Is there one diet that is better than the others? No, just as with there is a universal diet. To improve your physical shape you need a personalized plan drawn up by a professional who takes into account the clinical situation, habits, tastes and level of activity practiced. To be effective diet it must be perceived as “one’s diet” and must fit perfectly, without forcing e

privations. Only in this way can you really be able to take care of your appearance and above all of one’s health, also – and above all – at Christmas!