Noury ​​(Amnesty): “Human rights defenders under attack around the world”

“That it is a day in which there is nothing to celebrate is also shown by today’s scandalous decision by the British justice that accepted the extradition request sent by the United States for Julian Assange. A blow to freedom of information, to the denunciation of human rights violations “. Thus Riccardo Noury, spokesperson for Amnesty International Italy, on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day which is celebrated on 10 December each year. “The Assange court case is an example – Noury ​​underlines Adnkronos – of the persecutions that human rights defenders, journalists, researchers, bloggers and activists suffer in the world”.

“It is a world in which women’s rights – she continues – are under attack, the rights of migrants and asylum seekers are increasingly threatened by policies of closure. A world in which hatred takes shape through false narratives and dangerous, who argue, for example, that rights are not for everyone. A world that is making progress slowly. Patrick Zaki’s provisional freedom is a small sign of hope that we must celebrate on December 10th “.

Today more than ever, Noury ​​urges, “everyone must do their part: civil society in mobilizing, information in echoing these mobilizations from below and the institutions in putting rights at the top of the bilateral relations agenda and international. Whenever rights are sacrificed to economic interests, to arms sales, to geopolitical strategies, it is a defeat for humanity “. (by Sibilla Bertollini)