Noury ​​(Amnesty): “Moscow has declared internal war on dissidents”

Over 200 legal proceedings pending in Russia for dissent over the war in Ukraine. There are more than a thousand political prisoners in Belarus and there is concern about the application of the death penalty to ‘railroad partisans’.

In addition to the war in Ukraine, it appears that the Russia “is engaged in an internal conflict with dissidents”. This was underlined by Riccardo Noury, spokesperson for Amnesty International Italiawhich with Adnkronos drew a brief picture of the repression of dissidents in Russia, but also in Belarus, where there is “concern about the application of the death penalty to railway partisans”.

“In Belarus the situation is getting worse every day, the number of one thousand political prisoners has largely exceeded “, says Noury, in the aftermath of the sentencing of human rights defenders Marfa Rabkova and Andrei Chapyuk to 15 and six years in prison respectively. “We are very worried – he declares – about theannouncement of the application of the death penalty for the so-called partisans of the railways, machinists, handlers, employees of the state railways, obstructing the influx of Russian soldiers, weapons and military vehicles to Ukraine via the railways of Belarus. The Minsk government considers them terrorists and will apply the death penalty against them “.

In Russia, continues Noury, “we have about 200 legal proceedings pending against people who have expressed dissent against the Russian war in Ukraine. Eighty of these for the new crime of spreading false information about the armed forces, a crime punishable with sentences of 5 to 10 years, and in some cases even 15. Just earlier this month, we published ten selected stories of people in prison, former city councilors, activists and activists, journalists, those convicted and those in pre-trial detention pending trial. If we add the other negative developments, such as the 22-year sentence of journalist Ivan Sofronov and the closure of Novaya Gazeta, it is as if, as far as Russia is concerned, in addition to the war against Ukraine which is producing horrors, Moscow is also engaged in an internal conflict against dissidents. And Belarus applies the same repressive methods as the reference state “, namely Moscow.