Novavax, how it works against Omicron variant

Two doses required, immune response increased after third dose at 6 months

From the Novavax vaccine “broad reactivity against” the “Omicron and other circulating variants” of coronavirus achieved “with the 2-dose primary course”, and an “immune” response that increased after a third dose at 6 months “. This is what emerges from the first data released today by the Novavax company regarding its anti-Covid vaccine, approved in recent days by the European drug agency Ema. Feedback on Omicron was highly anticipated. And the company just announced initial data evaluating NVX-CoV2373’s immune response against the variant, as well as additional data from its ongoing Phase 2 study, and explained that these data show there is a response. cross-reactive immune system already after the two doses against Omicron and other variants, including Delta. But also that the antibodies increase significantly after the booster.

The third dose, according to the note released by the company, produced an increase in immune responses “comparable to or greater” to the levels associated with protection in Phase 3 clinical trials, with a 9.3-fold increase in “IgG antibodies against” Omicron and an increase in Ace2 inhibition “, a factor that gives the ability to interfere in the interaction of the Spike protein with the Ace2 receptor found on human cells,” by 19.9 times after the booster dose.