November 25, demonstration splits the opposition. No from Renzi and Calenda: “It’s against Israel”

In the text of ‘Non una di meno’ also Free Palestine, Ponte Messina and Rdc. Renzi and Calenda: “It’s not correct.” Fratoianni: “Yes, I agree.” Schlein perhaps in the square

The platform of the demonstration against violence against women tomorrow, November 25, in Rome and Messina becomes a coincidence. The ‘Non una di meno’ document goes beyond the theme of the parade: citizenship income, bridge over the Strait, free Palestine. The clearest positions on the Middle East: “The Italian state must stop being complicit in genocides all over the world and by openly supporting the colonial state of Israel, it actually supports the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people”. And it also calls for “a clear positioning in favor of the Palestinian people and their liberation and an anti-militarist vision that allows us to highlight how armed conflicts are the most terrible expression of patriarchal violence”.

This is enough for the opposition, even in favor of the demonstration, to divide. Nicola Fratoianni shares: “Tomorrow I will be in the square in Perugia against violence against women. We join the national platform of ‘Not one less'”.

As for the Democratic Party, it will be in the streets with a delegation while the presence of Elly Schlein is in doubt engaged at the Italian Left congress in Perugia. The secretary claims closeness to the theme of the demonstration, but at the same time reiterates “the clear and unambiguous position” of the Dems on the Middle East: “The Democratic Party has always participated and will participate tomorrow too. The Democratic Party brought 50 thousand people to the streets on a clear and unambiguous position on the Middle East. I am in Perugia in the morning, if I have time I will gladly participate as I always have. But I would not use this appointment in an instrumental way”.

“To those who are going to the demonstration tomorrow, I say that it is a shame that in that programmatic platform document they talked about Israel’s colonization which represses Palestinian women. If there is anyone who has raped, raped, destroyed the lives of Israeli and Palestinian women I am the terrorist butchers of Hamas that must be condemned without any ifs or buts,” he says Matteo Renzi at the Linkiesta Festival.

For Calenda the exploitation is that of ‘Non una di meno’ on tomorrow’s demonstration: “Tens of thousands of people, including my entire family from grandparents to children, were preparing to go to a demonstration that they believed was organized for different reasons. Exploiting in this way a great spontaneous movement of solidarity and closeness to the feminist cause is not right and it is not correct.”

And he adds: “This is not the platform of a demonstration against violence against women and for a less chauvinistic and more equal society. This is the platform of a far-left anti-Israeli and pro-Hamas collective (notoriously a supporter of women’s rights)” .

More Europe chooses a ‘diplomatic’ path: participation in tomorrow’s march together with joining Liberation’s appeal “to recognize that the 7 October attack was also an attack against Israeli women, killed, kidnapped, raped and tortured by Hamas militiamen”.

An underlining that was also made by the Democratic Party vice-president of the European Parliament, Pina Picierno: “On October 7, Hamas killed and raped during its actions in the kibbutzim. The results of the autopsies and medical reports that I have read in recent weeks are terrible. These Israeli women, their stories, the violence they suffered have been excluded from the feminist debate “. The PD members of the Supervisory Commission have written to the Rai top management to request live coverage of tomorrow’s demonstration.