November 4, Mattarella: “Both National Unity and Armed Forces Day by law”

The President of the Republic placed a laurel wreath at the Altare della Patria, then in Bari: “Peace continues to shout its urgency”

The president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella he placed a laurel wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Altare della Patria, on the occasion of the Day of National Unity and the Day of the Armed Forces. The celebrations are also attended by the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber, Ignazio La Russa and Lorenzo Fontana, the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the President of the Constitutional Court Silvana Sciarra and the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto. The Head of State was greeted by an inter-force picket made up of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri.

“Today we celebrate National Unity Day and, on this day, we honor the Armed Forces who, with their dedication and contribution, have allowed Italy to become a united, free and democratic state”, said the President of the Republic in the message sent to the Minister of Defense Crosetto.

“November 4 reminds us, with renewed emotion, of the many lives broken during the bitter fighting of the First World War, a conflict that tore apart and devastated the whole of Europe. It was a great test for the many who, coming from every corner of the country. , united under the Tricolor, with courage and heroism they brought to fulfillment the dream of the Risorgimento, reuniting Trento and Trieste with the nation. To women and men in arms, our security, the safeguarding of our institutions, of peace are still entrusted today. , of freedom, operating, on behalf of the Parliament and the Government, even in distant lands torn by terrible conflicts to bring, under the flags of the international community, stability and respect for human rights “, reads the message of the Head of State.

“Peace is a value to be cultivated and preserved and, more than ever, today’s aggression unleashed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, calls us to the responsibility of concretely testifying our convictions, underlining the need to preside, with our allies , the principles on which international cooperation is based “, underlines Mattarella.

“Soldiers, sailors, airmen, carabinieri, financiers and civil defense personnel, the Republic is grateful to you for your self-denial and for your commitment. A special thought goes to those who are engaged abroad, from Europe to Africa Central and Northern, from Asia to the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea, and to all those operating on the national territory, in collaboration with the police forces. With these sentiments I extend a warm greeting to all of you and your families. Long live the Armed Forces, long live Italy! “, concludes the Head of State.

BY LAW, YOU BECOME A DAY OF NATIONAL UNITY AND ARMED FORCES“-” I believe it is necessary, as I reminded the Government a few months ago, to take into law the complete and official definition of November 4th as National Unity and Armed Forces Day. We owe it to our history, we owe it to a precious heritage made up of women and men of our country. We owe it to ourselves. Long live the Armed Forces. Long live Italy “, then said the Head of State, who arrived in Bari for the celebrations.

“The anniversary of November 4, which we celebrate today, marks an important and essential moment in our history. The victory together with the Allies against the Central Powers, which put an end to the tragedy of the Great War, also marked the arrival of our Risorgimento struggle that had begun decades earlier. A long, painful journey that cost sacrifices, pain, grief. Studded with heroism, hopes, commitment to freedom, love for our homeland “, Mattarella’s words.

“Many months have passed without a glimpse of a glimmer. Yet peace continues to cry out its urgency. A just peace, founded on respect for international law and on the freedom and free determination of the Ukrainian people. Because we do not want and cannot get used to it. to war “, he explained, adding:” We have become accustomed to peace. A united Europe was for seventy years the strongest antidote to selfishness and nationalism. Several generations were born and raised on a continent that seemed to have erased not only the word war but sometimes even its memory “.

“Then suddenly the war – the tragedy of war – reappeared on our continent. It happened because of the unfortunate and unacceptable aggression that the Russian Federation unleashed against Ukraine and its people”, underlined the Head of State.

“It is no coincidence that among the first objectives to which the founding fathers of Europe were dedicated there was the common defense. Some steps have been taken, but too little and too slowly”, Mattarella’s words. “This remains a great objective for which Italy can make an important contribution, both in the political sphere and through the technological and industrial heritage at its disposal. In the belief that investing in European defense also means strengthening the Atlantic Alliance in its continental pillar “, underlined the head of state, underlining how” security and peace are common goods. Goods that must be defended even when it may appear challenging or difficult “.

“The key points of our compass remain the pro-European vocation and the solid transatlantic link”, he said again, adding: “I am thinking of the new domains: space, the cyber dimension, and even underwater space. On these frontiers, some of which still little explored, a tight international competition is already being played, the stakes of which have a lot to do with our security. Our military and the world of defense have the skills and professionalism to play a leading role in these challenges. “.

“As well as a role of great importance and value our military has had and still have in contributing to the security of the orderly development of the life of our society – added the head of state -. I think of the precious contribution given to the national community on the occasion of the emergencies that we have had to go through: from the pandemic to the consequences of the natural disasters that have hit our country. Also for this today the Republic says thank you “.