Now is born!, the platform of the blue and green economy

A technological innovation platform on the themes of the blue and green economy to support local businesses. It was presented in Ravenna Ora! – Outpost Ravenna for Energy Transition, an initiative promoted by Joule, Eni’s school for business together with the Municipality of Ravenna and the technical partner Mind the Bridge (Global platform based in Silicon Valley that supports startup ecosystems all over the world). Taking the local to the international level. It is one of the objectives of the platform focused on technologies related to the world of the blue and green economy which aims to support the transition of local businesses with industrial partnerships and collaborations with international startups and scaleups.

The project is based on three macro areas: training of young talents, business support and training, business matching. For the training of young people, the program (defined by an annual path) is aimed at new graduates of the University of Bologna (master degree) with a focus on open innovation and innovation management applied to the blue and green economy. The training course will range from international scouting to matching with local companies up to the implementation of experimental projects (Proof of Concept) As an activity aimed at businesses, training will be prepared with local entrepreneurs on methodologies and best practices related to the opportunities of the joint innovation and the main supporting models and tools.

To understand the needs of companies, working groups and network activities will be created on some strategic supply chains in the Ravenna area: chemistry, waste management, carbon dioxide capture and storage, energy efficiency and security up to renewables. Once the needs of the companies have been mapped, the startups at national and international level will be selected to carry out joint technological innovation activities. The main activities of NOW! They will be carried out at the Sea Environment and Energy Research Center in Marina di Ravenna, the sixth hub opened by the Eni business school in Italy after Milan, Rome, Venice, Taranto and Metaponto.