“Now Sinner is dangerous for everyone”, word of Barazzutti

Bertolucci: “I thought it would get to this point in a year”

“Sinner scares everyone now.” Two former Davis Cup blues and winners in ’76 warn the tennis masters that they are giving a lesson in Turin: watch out for Jannik. “The fantastic Sinner we saw last night is dangerous for everyone, even for Medvedev. The match will be difficult but above all for him, because Sinner will play with nothing to lose and a free heart expressing his best tennis”, Corrado Barazzutti told Adnkronos .

“It will be a beautiful match – the prediction is -, Medvedev will play against a very motivated opponent, who has been looking for this Master all season and entered at the last moment, this certainly stimulated him a lot. Even his gesture of affection for Berrettini was great “.

“Jannik Sinner last night was something wonderful, unexpected not so much for the final result but for the score: deadly”, adds Paolo Bertolucci after the clear 6-2, 6-2 inflicted on Hurkacz. “A lot was decided at the beginning, when he saved some break points absolutely as a mature player, much more than his twenty years: perfect. He has a process of continuous, constant growth and even accelerated the times, I thought he would arrive in a year at this level “. And it will get better and better: Sinner is “still a beginner and therefore has a lot of room for improvement. The fact that he is number 10 in the world at 20 makes us feel safe and calm that for the next 10 years, together with Berrettini, and Musetti himself, Italy will be ahead in our sport “.

And Medvedev? “With him it will be a very hard test, he is a player of the highest level, complete, not particularly elegant but terribly effective and has a talent of his own that only the most attentive eye can grasp. But all that happens to Sinner is more experience. , and on such an important stage: experience is what a twenty year old must necessarily have “.