Now there are no more doubts: it’s really over, the announcement freezes everyone

It had been talked about for some time, but now the confirmation has arrived: it’s really over between them, the announcement freezes all their fans.

Unfortunately, not all stories are meant to last forever. Although there are engagements or marriages that have lasted for some time, equally numerous are those relationships that reach a point of no return. An example is the ex-couple protagonist of a famous TV program, but also these two very young actors.

It’s over now. Credits: Instagram

It was already for some time that, on the web, rumors about their alleged breakup had been chasing each other, but they had always maintained a certain reserve. As well as for the duration of their love story – and, let’s be clear, we are talking about three years of relationship – also regarding the rumors of an alleged crisis between them, the two actors have always preferred to remain silent. Now, however, it would seem that the time has come for them to confirm this: it’s really over! To give the announcement official, it was the direct interested in the course of a very recent interview. “I automatically get a lump in my throat when I talk about it”, the actress comments on the end of her love story, not hiding her bitterness.

It’s over after three years of love: the shock announcement comes only now

As well as another famous couple, these two very young actors have also chosen to confirm the end of their love story months after the decision to go two separate ways. “We tried to make this separation without the world knowing, because it was a relationship that everyone has an opinion on,” said the famous interpreter during a very recent interview. As we said, it had been rumored for some time that there was something wrong between them, but only now is it confirmed. Needless to tell you that the official announcement of their finished story it has frozen – and not a little – all their admirers. On the other hand, however, life is unpredictable. And even the best love stories, unfortunately, come to an end!

We are sure that you too will be sorry to know that the love story between Florence Pugh and Zach Braff is really over. The announcement was made by the very young actress at Harper’s Bazaar. Unfortunately, we do not know what prompted the two very young actors to make this decision, but it would seem that it was taken by mutual agreement.

How has Zach changed from Scrubs?

Famous actor, but the beloved Zach is loved by everyone for having seen the role of JD in the famous TV series Scrubs. Are you curious, however, to know how it has changed since those years? Look at this very recent shot of him, you will be impressed:

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Zach Baff today. Credits: Instagram

It may have been years since the Scrubs season finale, but his JD seems to have remained the same all the time, right?