Nowhere, everything you need to know about the claustrophobic thriller that has conquered Netflix

“On the run from a Totalitarian countryMia, pregnant, must fight for her life when a violent storm causes her to fall into the sea container where she was hiding. Trapped, the girl gives birth and is forced to survive to save her baby “: this is how she reads the synopsis of Nowhere.

The words of the director and the protagonist

Albert Pintodirector of Nowhere, wanted viewers to be able to fully empathize with Mia’s drama and anguish. For this reason you brought one on stage raw and emotional story. The spectator struggles to take his eyes off the protagonist, experiences her pain and her joy, and feels her fight for survival.

Where it is set Nowhere? Everywhere and nowhere, at the same time. The context is that of a dispositional and parallel universe, with the Earth prey to totalitarian regimes.

The film begins in an unnamed country, but takes place mostly in sea. Although drawing parallels with the present is almost inevitable, Anna Castillo specified: “Knowing that there are people who die every day at sea is terrible. But the film isn’t about that. I’ve already done Mediterraneana social drama about Open Arms, while Nowhere it’s a dystopian reality. The totalitarian regime serves to contextualize the character and to understand why this girl escapes inside a container.” The actress then explained that, in those conditions, she would probably die. “Mia is in a very fragile moment because she carries with her a great one sense of guilt. If she were alone, she would give up. But her child depends on her and this means that she cannot give up: it is from him that she takes the strength even when she doesn’t have it, to continue fighting”.

Who is Anna Castillo

Born in 1993, Anna Castillo Ferré was born in Barcelona. In 2017 she won the Goya Award for Best Breakthrough Actress for her performance in the film The olive tree. From 2013 to 2015, she played Dorita in the Spanish television series Love over and over again. In Italy she is known to most for taking part in the Netflix series The perfect story.