Nuclear, Ciafani: “From Greta words of common sense but focus on renewables”

President Legambiente: “It is another thing to think of focusing on new nuclear power plants to be built to fight the climate crisis”

“What Greta said about avoiding turning off active nuclear power plants I think is common sense because I think that no concrete and credible environmentalist can think of instantly turning off the hundreds of reactors in the world.” So at the Adnkronos Stefano Ciafani, national president of Legambiente, comments on the words of the Swedish activist interviewed by the German public TV ‘Ard’ on the energy issue (“if nuclear power plants are in operation I think it would be a mistake to close them by favoring coal”, Greta said).

“Another thing – continues Ciafani – is to think of focusing on new nuclear power plants to be built to fight the climate crisis because the new generation nuclear power does not yet exist and the current generation nuclear power has exorbitant costs. quickly and we have to lower the bill it is not nuclear power that will allow us to resolve the two issues “. Rather “it is necessary to invest in the coming years in new industrial plants with renewable sources, in new plants for the storage of electricity produced from non-programmable renewables and in grids to accompany the gradual closure of nuclear plants, Germina still has three assets”.

In addition, “technology on renewables, large onshore or offshore wind, floating, large, medium or small photovoltaic plants have costs per kilowatt hour far lower than the cost of the kilowatt hour of nuclear plants. Today it would be economic suicide to think of building new nuclear power plants, this is true in industrialized countries, with emerging and developing economies “.

The ‘nuclear’ issue also reappeared in the election campaign but “in Italy rather than discussing the opening of new nuclear power plants, it would be advisable for the next government, in this legislature, to resolve once and for all, with transparency and the involvement of the territories, story of the construction of the depot of low and medium activity radioactive waste that must be disposed of in Italy “.

On the strategy to be implemented against the energy crisis, according to Ciafani, “Europe with the Repower Eu raises the bar compared to the Fit for 55 so Europe has clear ideas; in Italy we are confused because in the last a year and a half, the policies on ecological transition in Italy have worked much more on the diversification of the countries from which we source gas and have not worked with the same effectiveness on the new renewable power to gradually reduce the use of gas to a minimum. The next government must free from the bureaucracy, from the senseless denials of the superintendents and must provide for fast authorization times for new renewable energy plants, from large industrial plants to small energy communities “.