Nuclear Tactical Penguins in concert, a date in Iceland with SiVola

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Five professional travelers decide to share their incredible experiences, not only on social media, but also with those looking for a different journey, which combines natural and cultural beauties with that dose of magic that only a successful band, an astronomer or exponents of the world of sport can give. Fly is a new way of conceiving tourism created by those who have made tourism a profession and will bring i Nuclear Tactical Penguins live in Iceland.

After years of individual journeys, told through social media, Nicolò Balini (humansafari), Carlo J Laurora (italianyes), Claudio Pelizzeni (triptherapy), Daniel Mazza (mondoaeroporto) and Stefano Cantarini (stefano_cantarini) decide to expand the group, opening up to a ever-increasing number of users who become real adventure companions. The journey is thus transformed into an experience to be lived with people who, thanks to their presence on social networks and on the web, you seem to already know. They are the ones who coordinate the trips and put their signature on it, as well as their face. Thanks to the experience gained over the years with backpacking, they know how to make every adventure different and, to make it even more unique and unrepeatable, they have decided to involve external personalities to enrich the trips with unique and unrepeatable cultural, artistic and scientific experiences. Just imagine the stars at Hawaii told by Luca Perriastrophysicist and science communicator, sports trips over the USA with Overtime to attend theNBA or a full trip in the United Kingdom with Ugly soccer players for football enthusiasts; a tour of the Japan with Dario Mocciathe most important Italian streamer, up to travel with the science popularizer Adrian Fartade and to those, like the latter, dedicated to music.