Nuclear Tactical Penguins: “Team play made us who we are”

“We back up a lot and rely on each other, alone we wouldn’t have had this success”

“The team play is certainly the key to our success. As singles, we certainly wouldn’t have had all this following. We rely a lot on each other, we back each other up a lot and it is important to count on each other”. This was stated in an interview with Adnkronos by the Nuclear Tactical Penguinswhich present the new album ‘Fake News’ to be released on Friday 2 December, preceded by the singles ‘Giovani Wannabe’ (Triple Platinum) and ‘Ricordi’ (certified Platinum and for the sixth consecutive week first in the EarOne charts).

‘Fake News’ collects the last two years of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins in 14 songs, and the six boys from Bergamo tell it while they are going through a moment of great professional magic. “Fake News is a statement -explains the band from Bergamo- Trivially, in a world of fictions, of lies, of lies, we try to be something true. With ourselves and with the public. We think that art is the answer to all lies that we tell each other every day. Sometimes art hurts, in the sense that it makes you think, it sows doubts and we try to sow them with the public and also with ourselves”.

The group is back from the great summer success – three hundred thousand tickets sold during the summer of 2022 and ten dates in stadiums for 2023, which recorded two lightning sold outs in Rome and Milan – and from the great success of ‘Pastel White’, platinum disc with record numbers. “Pastello Bianco was a very important piece for our career, I would say almost ‘pivotal’ – the Nuclear Tactical Penguins tell Adnkronos – There is a before and an after. We never thought of ourselves as a ‘ballad’ band, that however struck us. At a certain point we realized that we had something beautiful on our hands, but we didn’t think it would be received in this way. We also decided to make one Christmas version that you can listen to online”. The next dream? It’s already coming true, it’s the stadium tour -they explain- At the end of this cycle, we will look at each other and set ourselves a new goal. We don’t like to rush too much“.