Nul in Milan between Buddhism and electronic music

Sunday 21 January event at the Ark. The evening will be inaugurated by the monk Kunsalananda

Nul, a collective of artists, active for over a decade in promoting events on the border between disciplines, brings Buddhism and electronic music to Milan in an event scheduled for Sunday 21 December at the Arca. The evening will be inaugurated by the monk Kunsalananda, who experienced meditation and isolation in Cambodia before returning to the world and sharing the knowledge he acquired.

If the last event Nul had proposed the rare show of the Dervishes of the Mevlevi Order of Istanbul in Milan, for this first event of 2024 the collective goes even further East, into the heart of deep Asia. The themes of the Buddhist wisdom tradition will be treated in a simple way but beyond any banal stereotype and it will be possible to ask questions to the monk Kunsalananda. An important role for any spiritual quest is that of nutrition, therefore during the event plant foods proposed by Viva Las Vegan will be served.

The second talk planned is that of Lorenzo Biagiarelli, a culinary popularizer known to the general public for being a regular presence in the Rai1 program ‘È semper midday’ together with Antonella Clerici. Lorenzo Biagiarelli will tell the guests why after a lifetime in which he ate meat every day he decided to stop completely. The cooking expert will also tell us about the behind the scenes of his investigative book ‘Troppa Carne’.

After the talks it will be the turn of music, the beating heart of Nul events. The DJ and cultural researcher Tyler Ov Gaia will make you dance with his collection of records from the four corners of the world, between ethnic research and sonic experimentation. Tyler Ov Gaia performs not only on the club circuit but also for contemporary art institutions.