Numa Palmer says that Tan Fuerte is biting life starting from oneself

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The message of Numa Palmer it’s clear: Tan Fuerte it means “so strong” and it is an invitation to say yes to life, to love and live without fear of one’s emotions. It is a song that invites you to seize the moment, the spark, to let your passions explode on your skin, expressing and releasing the most intense colors of your personality, thanks to that healthy pinch of madness that still knows how to surprise us with grace, ease and joy, as the magic phrase says that Numa (author of the text and co-author of the musical part with the singer producer Bryan Jimnz to which the feat of El Bandera is added) invokes at the moment to face new experiences.

Numa let’s start with the choice of this song for the summer: how it was born Tan Fuerte? And how did you identify the featuring?

I use what I have studied, starting from Buddhism and energy techniques that help people to value themselves and overcome traumas; I ask myself how can I give a usefulness to life, I who was born an artist? In Buddhism there are no impure lands, we need to understand where to best exercise our mission. Music transmits happiness and comes from the heart and therefore my mission is there. When we talk about reflection we often stay one step behind because we fear everyday life. Pop enters people as a panacea, it brings strength like Super Pippo’s peanut. It must be an almost invisible well-being that does not worry people. I don’t use no or indecisive words because using empowering phrases creates a good mood in people. Pop is very powerful for doing good. The feat. with El Bandera it is because in him there is a Latin blood with positive energy, warmth and passion.
Where did you shoot the video? It is built on several scenarios, all very colorful: what does the word joy mean today?

I shot it in Sicily. Cheerfulness is the ability to be grateful in small and big things. It is all within us. Life goes through and gratitude is going through it. Slowly you see that life opens up, unfolds and you begin to see that it expands around you, you understand your path. But the start must be us.
I feel it’s happening, it’s our time: is it difficult to convey the feeling of freedom in a world that is tired?

The idea we have of freedom is wrong. Freedom is internal. If we perceive it as a good that no one can read to us then there is only the law of the universe. If we believe in this centrality we are very free and we must express it starting from within. Positive thinking must be understood and made aware: we are the projectors of the film of our life and the outside world is the tarp. In October I will come out with the single The Future of the Naive,a track with more words. There is a space and a time for everyone: in this moment I raise your soul in a light but effective way. When you laugh you do me good, it’s a simple concept, a smile heals more than words and speeches. In Tan Fuerte there are words meant to make you feel good quickly. There must also be a sensual aspect, but I like to do it in a non-didactic way, it excites the imagination more. Sexual feminine energy is not about banging boobs in the face, but translating femininity into creative energy.
The conquest, or the reconquest, of the strength of oneself where should it start?

Only we know who we are. I recommend finding inspiring masters, finding the little points of reference. If you want to be a footballer you have to look to the best, if you want to be a singer to the best. The dialogue between mind and heart is the strong point because one dreams while the other is real.
The song is a hymn to carpe diem: do you think the pandemic has taught us to live in the moment or has it closed us even more in ourselves?

It was a great opportunity that many did not understand. We were listening to ourselves, a crisis-opportunity as Buddhism says. In that solitude we could rebuild the bridges in a new way. Now there are those who want to live what they have lost as if there were no tomorrow when there is a present that must be lived by staying in it well. We need to expand the present moment and make it eternal.
You said that the song was born in a phase of great changes for you: in what have you changed?

I have dedicated my life to change, I want to be free from patterns and fears. I was born clean, without filters or lies, I was never a hypocrite. I want to clean the diamond in the rough and make it authentic. The more I grow up, the more I find the authenticity, sweetness and truth of the little girl in me. Today I don’t run life, I enjoy it.
The Tan Fuerte Girls that appear in the video also represent an ideal passing of the baton to the new generations to save the planet?

I try to remind young people that you can have fun in a simple way. Aggressive force is a passage, a misunderstanding: we command our life only if we perceive it as beautiful even in our depths. Having fun with the little things have no age and with which we can have fun in a genuine way. Femininity must be used in a way that does not scratch and bite, it must be voluptuous and sensual.
Promised Land remains a project or thanks also to your contribution is it no longer a promised land but a place of the real soul?

Also thanks to Unicef ​​it remains. There are images authorized by Unicef ​​and shot on the field. It was a worldwide signal, it is more than a symbol. Everyone do what he can. This is a testimony of the world and we must all have a promised land.
If I’m not mistaken, in this 2022 you celebrate ten years of marriage with Phil Palmer: can we hope for a song together?

Meanwhile, I convinced him to make an album by himself. The answer to your question is yes, if they invite us to Sanremo.
What will happen in the coming weeks?

I’m working on a new album for the winter, I’m writing. Then I would like to do television and enter the homes of Italians.