Nutrition, health and the environment: in search of the right balance

Guarantee the right nutrition to the global population while protecting the environment and health. It was discussed on the occasion of the webinar organized by the Italian Union for Sustainable Palm Oil, as part of the Sustainable Development Festival promoted by Asvis, entitled ‘Sustainable nutrition and zero deforestation goal‘.

Per Erik Mejiaard, Iucn Oil Palm Task Force Chairman, Director of Borneo Futures, Adjunct Professor University of Queensland, Hon. Professor Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, there are no simple solutions to complex situations and research must go on. “The question to be answered is: will we be able to meet the future demand for oils and fats with a better impact on health and with less impact on land use, nitrogen flows, etc…?”, He observes. “I think this requires more work; research is already underway: we are mapping global areas for coconut, sunflower, etc … to understand what the impact on the environment is and we are also working with nutritionists to understand what it means for our health. The key message is that ‘win win’ is not always possible, sometimes you have to sacrifice something to get something else “. In any case, “I believe that things are changing: more and more there seems to be the understanding that there are no simple answers to complex questions. We can start looking for what is ideal to meet environmental needs and also those of human health. question is not simple “.

Niels Wielaard, CEO & Founder Satelligence, illustrates the results of analyzes conducted on the basis of satellite data. “We have seen that in 2015 many companies have committed to stop deforestation. From 2015 to 2022 we can see a sharp decrease in deforestation due to palm oil since the industry made these big commitments,” he explains.