Nvidia, agreement with Microsoft to bring Xbox games to the GeForce Now cloud

Gears 5 is the latest title in the saga that began on the very first Xbox with Gears of War and is now being developed by The Coalition

Nvidia has announced an agreement with Microsoft for the arrival of Gears 5 on its GeForce Now subscription service. Gears 5, says Nvidia, is only “the first in a long list of Xbox games from Microsoft to land on the cloud”. It is an alliance between competitors, given that Microsoft also focuses heavily on cloud games through its Xbox platform. Gears 5 arrives on GeForce Now to best conclude the 40 percent discount period on the six-month Priority subscription, which allows faster access to all 1,600 titles in the GeForce Now library. Nvidia also announces that it is working on a new update of the GFN app and, at the same time, the addition of new titles available for streaming. Gears 5 is the latest title in the Gears saga that started on the very first Xbox with Gears of War and now developed by The Coalition. Through the campaign mode, it is possible to play either individually or in multiplayer mode, thus forming a team with your friends. Users will be able to stream this game on multiple devices as well. Thanks to the close collaboration between Nvidia and Microsoft, the two companies say, announcements of other Xbox PC titles from Steam will follow shortly, starting with Deathloop, Grounded and Pentiment due out on Thursday 25 May. Support for the Microsoft Store will also be available in the coming months.